i-text hints & tips

09 Aug 2011

Written by Alice Smithson

If you’re an i-salon customer and you have recently registered for our text marketing facility, i-text, but aren’t sure what’s what, this one is for you.

My credit balance is ï0′

If your credit balance reads ï0′ in your message centre, the first thing to check is if your internet is working; if it’s not, this means your i-text account cannot register your credit balance from our server. If you are online, it means you have run out of credits and need to top-up.

How to buy more credits

There are a range of options to purchase more credits. If you wish to purchase by Direct Debit then please give us a call, however if you want to buy using PayPal or a debit/credit card, then you need to log into your IMS account through i-salon. To do this, just click on the envelope icon at the top of your screen, then onto the ïIMS Shop’ link at the bottom of the text message screen. Once here, follow the instructions to buy a bundle of text credits.

My text messages aren’t sending

Occasionally, your text messages might not send. There are a number of reasons why this might happen. If your internet is working and you have enough credits, check that the text you are trying to send doesn’t exceed the 160 characters limit. When you send your batch of messages, you may get a message pop-up stating that you have exceeded the character limit. Your options for this are to either shorten your template, see ïHow do I change my text template’, or you can change your messages to allow you to send ïLong Messages’, which use two credits (up to 360 characters) per message.

To change this setting, go into your i-text ïMessage Centre’, click on ïIMS Shop’ at the bottom and log in with your account details. Once signed in, click onto the ïMy Account’ page and change your maximum message length settings to ïLong Message’ (360 characters _ two credits per message).

How do I change my text template?

If you want to change your message template for any reason, it is simple to do within the settings of your i-text ïMessage Centre’ (click the envelope icon in the top right-hand corner of your i-salon screen). You can also use ïMerge Fields’, like your client’s name and booking date, to make the message more personal.