10 Low cost marketing promotions that work

15 Aug 2011

Written by Alice Smithson

If you’re looking for salon and spa marketing campaigns that are low cost and effective, i-salon can help. i-salon’s client database collects vital information about hair and beauty clients and their buying history, meaning you can target any group you wish with text, email and even postal promotions

1. Gift vouchers with a difference

Send clients a voucher that they can pass on to a friend or family member. The client will feel good about giving this great gift, and their friend gets to visit your salon free of charge _ everyone wins.

2. Birthday cards

It’s an old favourite, but it really does work. Look at your birthday list in i-salon and contact them with a discount, using either a birthday card or text message.

3. Selling products at cost

Don’t be afraid to sell ïdead’ stock at cost. If it’s proving hard to shift, you won’t lose anything by selling it cheaply. It makes sense to get shot of the old stock and bring in something new.

4. Offer free appointments with new stylists

If you take on a new member of staff in the salon, offer new clients free cuts or treatments with them. It may not put money in the till straight away, but a new client could soon become a regular.

5. Package services

Introduce clients to new services by combining them with your popular services, and charging slightly less for the package.

6. Seasonal gift sets

Make the most of every public holiday and create seasonal gift packs by combining products and services, and displaying them prominently in the salon and on your website.

7. Lost/lapsed client campaigns

A simple offer letter could bring around 30% of lost clients back to your salon. But make sure that before you contact them, your data is correct, or you could be wasting your time and money.

8. Product Push

Clients may find it difficult to know which products are right for them, so why not use a ïprescription’ to recommend a selection. Once they’ve tried your care products, they’re sure to fall in love.

9. Advice clinics

Holding advice clinics and distributing gift packs in the community, such as in schools or hospitals, is a great way to attract clients into the salon; particularly if you’re a new business.

10. Find recommended staff

Sending a text asking if clients can recommend someone to work at your salon will make them feel a part of your ïfamily’, and may result in a huge saving in advertising for new team members.