Selling more retail

17 Aug 2011

Written by Alice Smithson

Every salon and spa business would love to earn more money from retail sales. In both hair and beauty, home care products are extremely important. Not only do they bring immediate revenue into the salon, but they can also provide a link between the client’s last salon visit and their next, reminding them of their experience with you and prompting them to return sooner.

There are some real obstacles to overcome before a salon can gain a regular income of 10-20% revenue from product sales. Confidence is key, and creating the confidence to talk about and sell home-care products within your team is paramount.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Introduce products into the conversation more naturally
  • Be confident about the value of complete hair and skin care between salon visits
  • Set the right targets for your salon and your team
  • Create the environment for sales success
  • Get support from manufacturers

Many thanks to our team of contributors who have made these guides possible; from industry experts to salon owners, all our contributors have real and relevant experience in the hair and beauty industries. Their knowledge is priceless.