Is your salon website working?

13 Oct 2011

Written by Alice Smithson

You may have had a salon website for many years, but how do you know if it is bringing new clients and income for your salon? There are some simple checks and tools that will help you decide “how effective is my website?”

1. Google Rank.

The most important way to get new clients is to ensure that people searching on Google will find and visit your website. So your 1st task is to check your Google Rank i.e. the position your website shows in the search results page.

Search on Google for the 10 most important phrases in your town/city, e.g. _

  • Hair Colour Liverpool
  • Best salon Chelsea
  • Hair cut Manchester
  • Highlights Cardiff
  • Hairdresser Birmingham

If you are not ranked in the top 3 then you will get almost no visitors from Google searches _ and there are thousands of client searching every week for salons in your area using Google!

You should aim at Google Rank of 1 to get the most traffic as 80% of searchers click the 1st link at the top.

Example_ search for Hair Colour Liverpool and Voodou is ranked both 1 and 2.

Any other search for hair related keywords in Liverpool will show similar results.

2. Use Analytics

This free tool tells you _

  • how many people visit your website
  • where they came from,
  • what phrases they used to find you
  • and how long they stayed on your website

If you do not know the numbers behind your website, you will never know how well it performs. It is like trying to cut hair with your eyes closed!

Example_ Using Voodou as our example these are the results of people visiting their website in one month from Search Engines.  82% of 10,624 = 8,700 people 

3. Offer downloadable vouchers

A great way to track your website (and Facebook Page) performance is to offer a voucher that visitors can download.

Using email software, it issues an automatic email they can print and bring into the salon and with an i-salon Discount Code you can track in-salon use.

Example_ This campaign has so far produced 428 New Client voucher downloads in 20 days. At an average value of £30 that is £13,000 of salon income.

These are just a few steps to check if your website is working as well as it could.

There are many more on the Salon Guru website. Or ask for a one of our free Website and Facebook Audit Reports for a detailed and personal report on the things you can improve.

Phil Evans is Managing Director of Salon Guru
Specialists in Salon Websites and Facebook Pages for Salons