i-salon team recover data from stolen Mac

26 Oct 2011

Written by Alice Smithson

After 10500’s owner Anthony Carenza had reported his reception computer stolen, alarm bells rang when the team at i-salon saw that his computer had been switched on and was online.

The team were able to see the computer through the Team Viewer link, part of the service provided to i-salon users as standard. The Team Viewer software means that support consultants can log in to clients’ computers to fix any problems without them having to follow instructions over the phone. A service we knew made our clients lives more convenient but hadn’t predicted could literally save their businesses if they face losing everything.

Although it’s our policy to gain permission before accessing client computers, the team took decisive action to help recover the stolen data. Simon Flood, an experienced support consultant, dialled in and watched as someone was using Skype. He took a copy of the i-salon data, allowing Anthony and the team at 10500 to restore much of their essential salon data, including client records, appointments and history.

Simon also took notes about what was happening on-screen as he watched, jotting down as much detail as he could that might help to find out where the computer was. He discovered the IP address of the computer, giving its location away _ information which was passed to the police to help with their investigation into recovering the stolen machine.

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