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19 Jan 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

Open to both i-salon customers and those who are ‘just browsing’, our free webinars are a great insight into how i-salon works in practice to tackle common areas of salon management.

What is a webinar?

What we’re describing as ‘webinars’ are essentially online presentations which run at a certain time and which people register to watch and listen to.

What topics are covered?

We currently cover the following topics in our free training webinars:

  • Getting ready for marketing (preparing your client database)
  • Text and email marketing
  • Introduction to stock control
  • Introduction to i-Text

We’ve selected these topics because they are the most common areas you ask us about when you call our Support team.  

When do the webinars run?

We currently run webinars every Wednesday morning at 10:00 – 10:30 am. This includes a 15-20 minute presentation with time for questions and answers at the end.

How can I join?

i-salon customers will receive weekly emails with details of forthcoming webinars and you can also find details on our website. All you need to join is an internet connection and a phone line, as you’ll need to ‘dial in’ to hear our presenter.

Once you have registered, GoToMeeting will automatically send you reminders about the webinar by email. The emails will include the date and time of the session, a link to the website where the presentation will be showing and the phone number you will need to call.

Do I have to ‘take part’?

No! Not if you don’t want to. There is a chance to post questions to our presenter, who will answer them at the end of the presentation. You simply type your question onto a noticeboard that only the presenter (and you) will see. The webinars are for your own learning, so take from them what you need. There is no test at the end!

What happens afterwards?

After the presentation is finished and the session is over, we will send you the notes which accompany the session you have joined. If you registered but were unable to take part in the session as you’d planned, you will still receive the notes.

We have received very positive feedback from people who have already joined us for these sessions and we hope that many more i-salon enthusiasts will join us in the weeks and months to come. Why not, it’s free!  

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