i-salon supports PHAB customer service standards

16 Apr 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

Improving customer service with salon software

i-salon software is a fantastic tool for salon and spa owners who are sticklers for service. Our salon and spa software is designed to help hair and beauty salons to provide an excellent service to their clients.

Re-booking reminders and tailored retail prompts mean that Reception staff can give a memorable and personal service without delaying check out, plus the computerised till makes transactions fast and error free.

PHAB Standard _ recognizing great customer service in salons and spas!

You may already be measuring staff performance against targets for re-booking, retail sales and how often they are each recommended or requested by clients. Now though, our friends at PHAB Standard have developed a way to formally recognise excellent standards of customer service, based on important areas like these. 

The PHAB Standard Customer Service exam is an affordable management tool offering instant results open to all stylists, colourists, beauty therapists, nail technicians, barbers and salon/spa receptionists.

The online multiple choice exam has numerous benefits to the individual and salon/spa including:

  • Refreshing customer service standards and knowledge for quality control purposes
  • Assessing customer service standards at appraisal, review and promotion times
  • Setting a minimum exam result and educating new members of the team or those on probation, encouraging growth and development
  • Evaluating training and identifying any gaps in the current education program before allocating training budgets

More training resources from PHAB

The benefits that come from sitting a PHAB Standard Customer Service exam can be measured immediately. The questions encourage participants to consider how they can improve their current approach to customer service, so they’ll be learning new ideas as they go through the test.

The exam result can be printed off immediately and should someone fail they will be guided to all the courses available to them listed on the PHAB website by all the top trainers in our industry.

What’s next for PHAB? _ Reaching out to hair and beauty clients

Looking to the future, PHAB’s next step will be to launch to the consumer market so that hair and beauty clients can instantly recognise a credible salon, spa, stylist or therapist, in the same way as they can with Michelin starred restaurants. This will help to attract new business into salons that are serious about listening to their customers’ needs.

These exams are open to all members of the hair and beauty industry and cost just £18 to complete. They are free to all PHAB Businesses, and non-PHAB Businesses can ask their suppliers and manufacturers to pay for the exams as an incentive. Learn more about PHAB Standard.