Online Surveys – Solve Salon Problems & Increase Bookings!

02 May 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

For any Salon to succeed and grow it is vital to get feedback from clients and act on it to improve on your service. Asking questions like, what are we doing well? And, where could we improve?

The obvious way to gain great feedback is using a Salon Client Survey but what is the best way to do this and what results can be expected? You might be pleasantly surprised!

Written by Phil Evans, founder of the Internet marketing specialists for Salons.

Online Surveys – What is all the fuss about?

Many of you will have created a form that clients can complete in the salon, or you may send a survey by post. Some may even send an email invitation to clients inviting them to take the survey.

The problem with occasional surveys is that they do not give you regular feedback and do not maximise the extra salon income that surveys can generate. We recommend getting regular feedback and building the results into your business decision-making.

Creating online surveys on your website and Facebook page means you can have an automated system so that every client is asked to take a survey and all the follow-up actions, like Thank You emails, are sent automatically. Online surveys mean less work for you and better quality results.î

How to invite people to take a Salon Survey

There are several ways to gain more completed surveys;

  • Send an email invitation to clients – Exporting a list from i-salon means that you can target any kind of client with an invitation to take a survey e.g. New Clients, Lost Clients, High Value Clients.
  • Place the survey on a webpage – You can offer different surveys for different types of clients on separate pages e.g. or
  • Put the survey on your Facebook Wall – Either use a Facebook Tab to hold the survey _ or just post a link on your wall to a survey held on your website.î

What is ïSurvey Branching’?

Branching lets you jump questions or whole pages based on answers given. So if a Good rating is received, the survey won’t ask any questions about why the rating was bad, if a New Client completes the survey, it will jump to page 3, skipping any questions about previous experiences at the salon etc.

What are Automated Actions?

Actions are things that happen when certain conditions are met. Examples include, if a Bad rating _ send an email to the salon, if a Good rating _ offer a Gift Voucher and offer a ñRecommend a Friendñ email and voucher.

Certain actions can be set to happen automatically using online surveys, which means they’re a great marketing and loyalty tool which can be working for you to keep clients coming back without any on-going effort from you _ what could be more perfect?î

How can a salon benefit from online client surveys?

We have already covered some of the reasons salon and spa owners are choosing online surveys to help them keep clients happy and recommending them to their friends!

Here’s a summary of some of the best uses of online automated surveys to bring more money into a salon or spa business;

  • Get testimonials from clients and post to your website
  • Deal with complaints immediately with automatic emails to the salon
  • Get happy clients to introduce friends with Recommend a Friend emails
  • Get clients to write reviews for Qype, Yelp and Google
  • Up-sell happy clients with new services
  • Monitor client ratings by stylist/salon/service
  • Survey Lost clients and entice them back
  • Find out what new services or products clients would like to buy

Great results from online salon surveys

We already have many salons running automated online surveys and these are just a few fascinating statistics;

  • 30% of new clients sent an automated Recommend a Friend email voucher
  • 70% of happy clients left a testimonial
  • 100% of unhappy clients were contacted the same day to resolve their issue

Automated online surveys remove the hassle of planning, sending and collecting survey results. But, more importantly they automate the actions needed depending on the answers given.

Find out more about online surveys and what they could do for your salon or spa. Contact Phil and the team at Salon Guru on or via Facebook at