Make the phone ring in 2 minutes – No-discount salon marketing

05 Jul 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

Why you don’t need to discount

Everyone cares about how they look and feel, and many will pay top prices at the expense of other things they might want or need to look their best.  The trick is to be confident in your brand and the value of the products and services you offer. Don’t be scared to tell people what you charge and be proud that you may not be the cheapest around.

Your salon software marketing partner

That’s where i-salon software comes in. Our system can help you send powerful marketing messages by text and email to your clients whenever you choose. You can even set up marketing essentials like birthday texts to send automatically so, with a little help from i-salon, your business promotes itself!

i-salon collects all your client information; from their contact details _ like email address and mobile number, to which products and services they’ve bought in the past _ even whether they take sugar in their tea!

Using this information, you can select a group of people who you think are the right audience for your promotion and, in just a few clicks, send them a text message and wait for the phone to ring!

No-discount promotions that work

Our customers tell us these winning messages can make their phones ring within 2 minutes:

What results can I expect?

i-salon software offers real value for money in just about every area of running a salon or spa, although salon marketing is one of those areas in which investing in the right salon software is essential is you want to guarantee great results, month after month, year after year.

With i-salon software, text messages cost just 7p on direct debit and we don’t charge you for sending emails. Plus, you can send regular marketing messages automatically, so there’s no extra time taken out of your busy schedule to send these important text messages each day.

A small promotion can bring amazing results:

Sending texts to 100 clients costs just £7, so if just 5 clients respond to your promotion and spend £35 each, you will make £175 extra takings. So, for every pound you spend on texts, you’ve earned £25 back! Where else can you get that kind of return?

Even taking into account the cost of i-salon, sending one or two regular, simple marketing messages like appointment reminders and a birthday promotion will cover your investment in i-salon and leave you with a healthy profit to boot _ all without discounting!

Book a demo today to find out more about i-salon software and smart marketing _ part of our unique 5 Point Plan to boosting profits in your salon.