i-salon software’s top five masterful marketing tips!

10 Jun 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

If you walk down the high street of almost any town in Britain, there is a good chance that you’ll see around half a dozen salons all vying for trade on the same turf. To say that the salon industry is a competitive sector would be an understatement to say the least, and getting noticed in these conditions can be a significant challenge. If the customers won’t come to you then you need to go to the customers, and in most instances this involves effective salon marketing. Here, your friends at i-salon software have compiled five of the best salon marketing tips to help you increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, so waste no time in employing these useful techniques to bring more and more customers through your door.

Capture trends

Salon and spa trends can change with the winds, so it’s important that you capitalise on them while they’re still hot. If your salon can’t offer something that a company down the road can, then no prizes for guessing who the trend-savvy customers are going to visit. Not only is it important that you capitalise on the latest trends but equally that you make a song and dance about it; if you don’t endeavour to tell people what you can offer then they’ll simply assume that you can’t help them.

Explore multiple avenues

Salon marketing has changed significantly over the past few years, meaning that there are more marketing outlets for you to exploit than ever before. While traditional advertising is still strong, new marketing avenues such as social media, content marketing and even text marketing are allowing salons to reach more and more people than ever without spending over the odds. Failing to take advantage of these opportunities could prove to be a costly mistake…

Update on the go

Not only have our marketing avenues evolved over time but the very audiences we communicate with have changed significantly, too. Today, audiences are far more shrewd, savvy and communicative than ever before, so if something isn’t working then they won’t hesitate to let you know about it. It’s important that you can manage your marketing campaigns at all times should something need changing, so consider investing in salon management software that allows you to make crucial adjustments and amendments while on-the-go.

Reach out to your customers

Having actively communicative customers is as much an advantage as it is a hindrance, however. Getting people talking with and about your salon is a great way to improve brand awareness, and social media gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers like never before. Reaching out to your customers can help them to feel included and valued, but be careful not to fall afoul of the flipside of social media marketing

Keep it cost-effective

You could be forgiven for thinking that these marketing tips will prove expensive to achieve, but keeping your salon marketing cost-effective is just as important as improving brand awareness. It won’t do you any good to spend over the odds on an ineffective marketing solution, but equally, spending too little and failing to experience tangible results won’t do you any favours either. You need to ask yourself whether you’re really getting your money’s worth where your salon marketing is concerned this year…

Although these tips will help you to get your salon marketing activities on track, there’s no hard and fast rules for you to follow when it comes to bringing in new customers and retaining old ones – what works for someone else may not work for you! What is for certain. however, is that our salon management software will help you to reduce your overheads and manage your marketing campaigns more cost-effectively in future – those are tangible savings you can really appreciate. Take a look at some of the salon management products available on our website or contact us to see how you can benefit from our help this year.