Organic salon & spa products to demand premium prices and high demand this summer

20 Jun 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

The salon and spa trend for organic products is unlikely to abate this summer as customers continue to seek the best from their favourite treatments.

Organic salon and spa products command premium prices from businesses and customers alike, with the average organic product found to be around 15% more expensive than its conventional equivalent.

Despite the premium price tag consumers are unlikely to be deterred from their pursuit of organic products, with many happy to pay a little more for products they believe to be more environmentally sound, ethically responsible and of a higher quality than the average.

It appears that many salon and spa customers are no longer prepared to prioritise their personal health and beauty over environmental and ethical issues. Organic products may come with a slightly inflated price tag, but many customers realise the benefits that such treatments have over their chemical-based alternatives.

Products and treatments that improve health and beauty while simultaneously proving environmentally and ethically sound are ever-popular with salon and spa goers. By taking advantage of this trend and promoting it well _ particularly if your competitors aren’t _ will be a great way to ensure y our business reaches new levels of success this year.