Pursuit of the perfect beach body presents opportunity for UK spas

24 Jun 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

At around this time of year, we begin to witness the optimism inherent in many British people. Across the nation, thousands of men and women across the UK attempt to perfect their ideal beach bodies ahead of a summer that some will always pessimistically predict to be another disappointing washout.

This pessimistic outlook may not stand many would-be bathers in good stead, but it is good news for the country’s salons, particularly as so many people will look for their help in order to get their beach bod looking its best.

Hair removal and tanning treatments are always popular ahead of the summer months, while many spa goers will also book themselves in for facials and skin care treatments in order to give their confidence a boost before stripping down to swimming shorts and bikinis.

If you’re one of the nation’s spas or salons, now is definitely the time to prepare yourself for the increased trade often prompted by the onset of summer. Even if the weather is neither warm nor sunny, don’t be fooled into thinking that your customers will be put off wanting to get ready for the beach.

Should Britain’s summer be a bit of a washout, people will still head abroad for their summer holidays. If you can tap into the holiday market and promote your services effectively for this mindset, you’re much more likely to see returns from the increased trade on offer.

Consider sending out a text promotion specifically targeting those customers you’ve not seen for a while who may be in need a summer makeover, or get in touch with those you saw at this point last year who might be in search of their beach bodies again. If they’ve had a positive experience before, the sooner you can remind them you’re there, the less likely they’ll be to take their business elsewhere.