London Collections: Men hints at upcoming male trends

04 Jul 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Men’s fashion is becoming increasingly big business, with more and more British gents taking their hair, clothing and general appearance with the utmost seriousness.

Where male fashion was once a niche interest, the sector is beginning to rival its female counterpart. Savvy spas and salons here in the UK are already beginning to cash in on this growing popularity, though with relatively little competition, the market is ripe for exploitation.

The British Fashion Council’s London Collections: Men spring / summer 2014 catwalk exhibited a number of emerging style trends that British salons would do well  to take note of.

The London Collections models sported subtle skin and face jewellery and outlandish temporary tattoos, while up top hair was curled into feminine French rolls and piled high in voluminous bouffants.

While one can take many of the more exuberant catwalk trends with a pinch of salt, it’s interesting to see the shape that male fashion is beginning to take as we head towards the 2014 season. Over the past few years we’ve seen men’s barbers buck the high street trend and move from strength to strength, so it’s clear that men are taking fashion and style more seriously.

Successful salon marketing should look towards these emerging trends. Successful salons tend to be those who suggest how they can offer new salon customers the services they’re looking for before any of their competitors do.

Image: Designer Lee Roch / London Collections