Spa and Salon summer trendwatch 2013

11 Jul 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

One of the key features of successful salon and spa marketing is the ability to keep up with the latest industry trends, offering the most popular products and treatments just as demand begins to peak. The salon and spa industry moves quickly, however, and keeping up with the latest trends whilst avoiding newly pass_ treatments can be easier said than done. Here at i-Salon we don’t just provide excellent salon management software, however – we’re also on hand to keep you abreast of the latest salon and spa trends as and when they occur, helping you to market your business more effectively than ever before. Take a look at our 2013 trendwatch and start offering the latest and greatest treatments to take the industry by storm this year!



Spas are places where men and women can come to look and feel their best, and sometimes a spa treatment is just what the doctor ordered to restore some much-needed comfort and confidence. Becoming a new mother is an exciting time for most women but it can also be pretty scary and nerve-wracking – the babymoon salon trend is designed to alleviate stress and help women prepare themselves for the arrival of their child. Babymooning is becoming increasingly popular amongst expectant mothers looking to be pampered with baby-friendly products and treatments, so now is the time to act on this trend and start getting new customers through your doors.

The Great Gatsby

While Baz Luhrmann’s big-screen adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s ïThe Great Gatsby’ met with lukewarm reviews from critics, the film has instigated a resurgence in the popularity of 1920s fashion and style as we predicted it might. The ïflapper’ look is well and truly in for 2013, so we can expect to see countless women flocking to salons nationwide in search of the perfect boyish bob. Savvy salons will seek to act upon this emerging trend, tailoring their marketing activities to those seeking a fashionable ï20s look.

Rainforest showers

One of the latest treatments to emerge in Britain’s spas is the rainforest shower, a relaxing full-body shower accompanied by a multisensory light and sound experience designed to capture the spirit of the rainforest. This new technology is beginning to catch on in a number of spas nationwide, so if you want to be on-trend before your competitors then you need to act fast. Emerging treatments such as the rainforest shower allow enterprising spa owners to offer their customers experiences they can’t enjoy with a rival business…

Hair and nail trends

Every new year brings with it new trends in hair and nail fashion. These trends can come and go with the seasons so you need to act fast if you’re to offer your customers the services they’re looking for. The ombre or gradient look is in for both hair and nails this year, while pale nail colours and pixie crops are both firm summertime favourites. Keep an eye on the i-Salon blog for news on the latest spa and salon trends as and when they occur!

Successful salon marketing means capturing the latest and greatest trends, but it isn’t good enough to simply offer the appropriate treatments if no-one knows you’re doing so! Our salon management software programs can help you to market your business more successfully than ever before, so why not contact us to find out how you could bring in new customers and clients this year?