Couture fashion week sets the season’s trends

16 Jul 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon software users would certainly be forgiven for thinking that the Paris Couture fashion week is all about opulent, extravagant, peculiar gowns, outfits and costumes. Of course, it is, but it’s also about predicting the next season’s trends, and this covers not only fashion, but beauty and hair trends too. Keeping your finger on the fashion world’s pulse will enable you to prepare your salons for the stream or new ïdos and redos you can expect, come autumn.

As reported on Vogue, the futuristic looks we may have been looking forward to at the turn of the millennium can now be expected in the autumn. Think neat and tidy crops, minimal makeup and metallic shades. As ever, there’s never just one trend to follow; most fashionistas always have a choice, which gives the quirkiest of those a chance to experiment and mix a number of different styles.

This summer’s Great Gastby-esque romantic looks will carry through to the colder months, so while you can expect to be asked for sharp haircut combined with nude nail polishes, don’t be surprised when another customer requests flowing locks with punky nails!

Gaining a better understanding of what your clients’ interests and aspirations are likely to be will enable you to run a more organised salon that appears current and up-to-date. Keep on top of your salon appointments and on trend via social media withi-Salon software and run an altogether tighter ship! If you’d like to learn more about how to promote your salon through social media, be sure to look at our blog post on the matter.