Salon management software and tint tests

22 Jul 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Most salons and spas around the country are familiar with the science of hair colouring, though not all are aware of the dangers associated with colouring a client’s hair without first doing a tint test. Salon management software could help you to streamline this process.

From one year to the next, your clients’ sensitivities to the chemicals in hair dyes can change dramatically. In much the same way that we can develop hayfever over time due to our bodies’ changing responses to the environment, someone who could once dye their hair using a particular hair dye may find that, on later use, an allergy to chemicals in the dye has developed that may put their life at risk.

Whilst many salons around the country do ensure that all of their clients carry out allergy tests before a hair colouring appointment, many don’t. In part, this may be due to ignorance of the risks involved, though for many it can be because logistical and cost challenges make tint testing a different operation to perform.

Inspired by one woman in Bradford, more and more salons are now finding the i-salon software system can help them to carry out tint testing. Rather than requiring clients to come into their salons, businesses can instead send out smaller test kits through the post when an appointment has been booked.

Using the text marketing service that makes our salon management system so popular with our clients, you will then be able to send a reminder message directly to a client’s phone 48 hours before their scheduled appointment. You’ll then be able to check their allergy tests at their scheduled appointment times.

As well as demonstrating to clients that you’re committed to their safety and ensuring you’re not liable for a costly settlement in the event of a worst case scenario, some salons have found that the tint tests do a good job of further reducing no-shows _ as well as improving overall brand loyalty.

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