What makes a great salon or spa?

14 Aug 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

High street spas and salons are ten-a-penny in many of Britain’s towns and cities, so if your business is going to stand out from the crowd you need to offer your customers something they can’t enjoy elsewhere. As suppliers of some of the leading salon management software, we have experience with some of the industry’s greatest leaders, Standing out from your competitors and making a positive impression on your customers can often be easier said than done, however, so what can you do to give your business an advantage? What are the attributes that really make a good spa or salon? Take a look at just a few of the most attractive features here.


The latest trends, products and services

Spas and salons must evolve throughout the year if they are to stay competitive. Fashions change, new trends emerge and new products, services and treatments become popular amongst your potential customers. If you don’t act quickly enough to offer theses emerging trends and treatments as soon as possible, your competitors certainly will do. You need to embrace new trends, but not only that, utilise salon marketing software to promote them to your customers – otherwise, they won’t know what you have to offer and will be more likely to look elsewhere.

Organisation and booking availability

Your customers don’t want to have to plan their schedules around your spa or salon – they want you to be able to accommodate them. Of course, you won’t always have the slot they desire available for a booking, but the most popular salons and spas are those who can adapt and provide options for appointment bookings and treatment times. Using salon booking software can help you to keep your appointment diary clear and well-organised, allowing you to offer your customers the slots and vacancies they’re looking for.

Great customer service

Salons and spas can be intimate places, and when customers find a business they like, they’re likely to return again and again in future. Providing excellent customer service and treating each customer in a friendly, cheery manner will help you to build a lucrative base of repeat customers in no time. Your customers will like to feel valued and know that their custom is appreciated by your business.

Open communication

The more valued your customers feel and the more engaged they are with your salon or spa, the more likely they are to return in future and eschew the trade of your rivals. Salon text marketing can be used to remind customers of upcoming appointments, keep them updated with new trends and treatments or even offer them new promotions and discounts at your discretion. The more effort you make to keep your customers in the loop, the more successful your salon is likely to be.

There are a number of different attributes all successful salons and spas must possess, but with the help of our salon management software solutions, you’ll soon be on the path to success this year. Our salon software solutions can help you to boost salon takings by tens of thousands of pounds each year, so why not contact us today and find out how you could benefit from our help?