Superspas: the world’s most luxurious spas revealed!

04 Sep 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

It’s not easy to stand out in the spa industry. It seems that almost every luxury hotel now boasts its own spa, while the traditional spa towns across the UK have dozens of different venues all vying for trade and custom. In order to ensure that your customers keep coming back, then, you need to offer something different as well as taking advantage of spa management software to provide an experience your visitors simply cannot get elsewhere. Take a look at five of the world’s most glamorous, spectacular superspas; can you learn from the secrets of their success?

Tschuggen Grand Spa Hotel, Switzerland

The Tschuggen Grand Spa Hotel is nestled in the mountainous pine forests of Switzerland. The scenery is incredible, and coupled with the building’s bold architecture, the hotel seems more like a location from a James Bond film than the home of one of the world’s top spas. There are no space rockets, death rays or global conspiracies behind the doors of the Tschuggen Grand Spa, however. The building is home to elegantly lit and spectacularly designed spa facilities that provide visitors with top of the range, five star treatments. This spa is a feast for the senses both inside and out. Their marketing strategy includes social media, regular newsletters and text marketing, and they take online salon bookings from around the world.

Aquadome Langenfeld, Austria

Anything Switzerland can do, however, Austria can do just as well. The Austrian Alps are home to the magnificent Aqua Dome spa, an open air spa facility with views of snowcapped mountain peaks and lush pine forests. The resort’s cutting edge spa facilities include levitating pools and underwater cameras customers can use to take their memories home with them. They allow customers to book day passes online, suggesting they too use spa management software to coordinate bookings, staff and subsequent marketing.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is a geothermal hotspot that makes it a spa goer’s dream. Perhaps the country’s most amazing geothermal spa is the stunning Blue Lagoon resort, so named because of the natural ultramarine tint of the volcanic waters bubbling up from the craggy basalt landscape, the Blue Lagoon takes full advantage of Iceland’s magnificent natural resources. They take online bookings, retarget many of their customers for repeat business by collecting email addresses and phone numbers on that they can use to contact them in the future, and recommend products for sale based on the treatments customers have received in the same way that our beauty salon software does.

Maya Ubud, Indonesia

While the water may be warm, the air in these Northern European spa resorts can be a little chilly. Not so in Indonesia’s wonderful Maya Ubud spa. This open air spa is located in a tropical jungle paradise, where spa goers can enjoy the latest and greatest spa treatments in tranquil natural surroundings. The spa also provides delicious regional cuisine to make the experience of visitors all the more complete. A quick peek at their offering immediately suggests they’re likely to be using a top-of-the-range salon management system complete with dedicated salon computers, online booking functionality and swift reporting _ just like the package we provide many of our clients. They do appear to make use of large discounting schemes, so perhaps someone should point them towards our tips on how to increase salon takings without relying on discounts.

Amangiri, Utah

While Utah may not be able to boast the verdant pine forests of Northern Europe or the spectacular jungles of Southeast Asia, it does have the unbroken vistas of magnificent mesas to offer! Amangiri is located in the deserts of southern Utah, with nothing but dramatic rocky outcrops to interrupt the unbroken skyline. While the surroundings may be imposing, the spa itself certainly isn’t, offering all of the latest treatments in beautifully designed, comfortable facilities. Customers can enjoy swimming in an open-air pool that looks out onto the endless desert and star-studded navy blue skies. The spa and hotel is part of the wider Aman Resorts group, so we can only imagine they use a management system that allows them to monitor and run their different locations through one centralised spa software package.

These five spas are a cut above the average because they know exactly what their customers want, and bend over backwards to give it to them, combining their incredible treatments with advanced management systems. While our spa management software may not be able to provide you with the magnificent locations of these five resorts, it can help you to better organise appointments and keep your customers up to date with new treatments, offers and other marketing activities. Why not take a look at our range of spa software solutions or contact us to find out more about how we can help?