ïFine art’ nails on the rise!

11 Sep 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

One of this year’s most popular salon trends has been the rise of nail art, with women the world over flooding to their local nail salons in search of novelty designs and pretty patterns with which to decorate their fingertips. Many of those using our spa and salon software have shared how promotion of their fine art nail treatments has led to the establishment of many new customer relationships.

What started out as a small trend has now entered the realm of high fashion, with the emerging trend for ïfine art’ nails set to take the industry by storm.

Nail art designs paying homage to the art world’s greats such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Edgar Degas and Rene Magritte have begun to adorn the fingers of style-conscious women in the world’s fashion capitals, and are likely to find their way to a nail salon near you soon. If you want to tap into this new trend, ensuring your staff have sufficient training now could be a sure-fire way to beat the local competition.

ïThese latest nail art designs are really exciting,’ said i-salon’s Sharon Frost. ïIt’s as though we all have ten tiny canvases on the ends of our fingers with which to experiment, and salons could stand to make a considerable profit from it.’

ïFine art nails are a high-fashion take on an already massive trend, and we predicting they’ll prove popular in Britain’s nail salons this year.’

As well as using our spa and salon software to manage appointments, you can also use it to advertise the latest trends and treatments to your customers in future, leading to increased profits and higher brand awareness.