Salon offers a pamper day for kids

25 Sep 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

A salon in Croydon came up with a new way for parents to keep their kids entertained over the summer while simultaneously boosting their sales and increasing their need for salon booking software! Aimed primarily at girls, the salon invited children of all ages to attend free consultations, during which they were taught a number of hairstyles to try on themselves in the future. The children were also given advice on what products to use, and were provided with soft drinks and lollipops to tide them over. Whilst this proved successful as a holiday club activity, the salon is likely to continue the trend over weekends all year round.

Most salons target an adult audience, but Carly O’Connor, who runs the salon in Selson, found an opportunity to broaden her market. By opening up her salon to children, going to the salon needn’t only mean having to accompany mum or dad while they get their hair done, but can be a special treat to be enjoyed by the children too. As well as discovering a way for parents to keep their children busy during the summer holidays, it has also proved a successful means of selling the salon experience to a younger audience, who will undoubtedly want to return in the future _ possibly with friends.

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