Despicable Me 2 sparks Disney / Pixar nail art trend!

21 Oct 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

The release of Disney / Pixar’s movie ïDespicable Me 2′ this summer has sparked an unlikely salon trend, with countless women across the country experimenting with nail art in order to commemorate their favourite Pixar characters, signalling an opportunity for salon owners seeking the next trend to capitalise on.

Despicable Me’s most memorable characters are arguably the adorable little Minions, and the diminutive dungareed workers have since been lacquered onto the nails of hundreds of women, with nail salons benefitting from a growing trend for novelty nail art.

It’s not only the characters from Despicable Me 2 who have been immortalised in nail art form, however. Other Disney / Pixar favourites have flourished on the fingertips of fun-loving nail art fans, from 101 Dalmatians to Beauty and the Beast via Cars and Wall-E. There are dozens of Pinterest pages dedicated to the trend already, and its popularity appears to be on the rise!

It should come as no surprise that many of the team behind i-Salon management software agree that numerous UK nail salons could benefit from the Pixar nail art trend. Nail art is a lot of fun, and most of the popular styles are based around trends with very brief shelf-lives.

It’s important to capitalise on these crazes while they’re still trending, so you need to act fast. If you have the skills to offer this to your client, use text marketing to promote the trend whilst it’s hot off the press!