The Express reveals the country’s best spas _ is yours among them?

07 Nov 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

An article in the Express newspaper has looked at the country’s ten best spas, with writer Anne Gorringe picking her favourite resorts, treatments and locations. Has your spa made the list? How could salon software improve your chances of being included in future years?

The ten spas are located across the country, from Cornwall to Bath and London to Norfolk, but each offers something unique and attractive to help it stand out from its rivals. Highlights include a full-body MOT treatment in County Durham and a stargazing spa experience in rural Cornwall.

So what is it that makes these ten sensational spas stand out? The prices range from the humble to the luxurious, while locations vary from city centre chic to rural solitude. The common denominator, however, is that each spa on the list sets out to provide high standards of service, quality treatments and well-appointed premises to its customers, and does so very successfully.

i-Salon’s Sharon Frost reveals how salon software can help you to make a similar impression in future. ïAll of the spas on the Express list have devoted a lot of time to cultivating an exclusive, luxurious air, and obviously it can be difficult to achieve this whilst simultaneously running a business.’

ïSalon and spa software can help you to better organise your time and to run your spa remotely, giving you more time and freedom to market your business more successfully in future. It’s about never letting your customers down through double bookings, and knowing how to keep customers coming through the doors with smarter marketing.’