Salon management inspiration from five fantastic salons

11 Nov 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Without a doubt, certain attributes can make some salons a cut above the rest, if you’ll excuse the hairdressing pun. Whilst our salon management software is designed to help your salon gain the upper hand on its competitors, bringing in more customers in a more cost-effective fashion in future, what can you do to help things yourself? We’ve taken a look at five of the world’s most successful salon businesses to glean what makes them stand out from the crowd. Why is it that some people are prepared to pay thousands of pounds for treatments from these top salons and spas? Here’s what makes them so special.

Daniel Galvin, London

Daniel Galvin is a stylist to the stars with an enormous salon located on London’s George Street _ hardly unique, you might be thinking. But there’s a reason why a weekday visit to Daniel Galvin will find the salon, which can comfortably seat hundreds of customers, packed to the rafters. The salon employs a team of expert stylists and colourists who offer a unique, personalised service to ensure that their customers’ style needs are met. As well as ensuring customers are encouraged to make their next booking right when they’re in the salon, Daniel Galvin also accepts bookings online and via email _ so their customers aren’t prevented from making an appointment simply because it’s outside of working hours. Additionally, the salon opens late once a week for busy clients, and customer service is the same whether you’re an A-list celebrity client or Jane Bloggs off the street; no wonder the salon consistently receives five-star reviews…

The Spa and Barber at Alfred Dunhill, London

It’s not just lucky ladies who can expect a few luxury treatments in central London, however. Alfred Dunhill has been associated with men’s fashion and style for more than 120 years, and the brand’s Spa and Barber is among the best male grooming venues in the capital. The onus here is very much on luxury and a sense of tradition stretching back to Dunhill’s origins, so visitors can expect ornate decor, luxury products, decorous customer service and excellent treatments. The salon excels not simply because of the name it is attached to, but because of the way in which the name and brand values are used to customise each visitor’s experience. Alongside this, treatments are carefully matched with relevant retail products, which many salons will find to be an invaluable additional revenue stream.

Tenoverten, New York

For one of the world’s greatest nail salons, we’ll have to head a little further afield than London’s boroughs. Tenoverten in New York’s TriBeCa district is something of a manicure nirvana. Only the best polishes and products are on offer, the staff are friendly and know what they’re doing and they boast a wide range of services from basic manicure and pedicure services to nail art, eye care and even waxing. Tenoverten achieves such success because they know what their customers want and are adept at giving it to them. This is likely achieved through clever customer relationship and salon booking software that tracks what treatments are popular, and ensures that follow-up marketing builds a buzz about new services.

Cristophe, Los Angeles

On to another salon to the stars now, and LA’s Cristophe Salon located in Beverly Hills has been catering to some of Hollywood’s premier talent since opening in 1985. So why is it that Cristophe is able to attract the world’s biggest A-listers while its rivals must do without? A combination of exclusivity and luxury (Cristophe Salons are only located in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas’ MGM Grand, Washington DC, Newport Beach and St. Barth) means that the standards never slip. A big clue to the way in which these salons are run so effectively is on the website, where stylists are able to login to view their booked appointments. As well as being a great way for managers to track salons regardless of where they are in the world, this ensures that any slow periods can be promoted, decreasing the amount of time that chairs are empty. Regular customers also know that they’ll be able to receive the same excellent customer service every time they visit a Cristophe salon, wherever it is.

Vania Laporte, Bordeaux

Renowned for being one of the world’s most respected wedding stylists, Bordeaux’s Vania Laporte has the added cachet of being one of the L’Oreal professional hair associates. Bridal hair and makeup services that can make any woman’s special day all the more unique mean that Vania Laporte is always in demand, while an on-location hair and makeup call-out expresses a willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. The salon has never been afraid to invest in the success of their business, whether through assigning the right PR company, choosing the right salon software or hiring the very best staff members they can afford, and this investment has certainly paid off.

These five salons are among the most luxurious, desirable and special anywhere in the world. We can learn from the secrets of their success, providing customers with the levels of service and contemporary treatments they’re looking for. Our salon management software can help, so contact us today to find out more about how we can help realise your ambitions this year!