Women get shorter at 46!

25 Nov 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

A poll of 2,000 women over 40, carried out by skincare company Nurture Replenish, discovered that a third of women dread having an ïold-fashioned’ hairdo, and that shockingly, one in five would rather have younger looking hair than skin. It was also revealed that the majority of women believed certain hairstyles were ïtoo young’ for them, and that by the age of 46, such hairstyles should be banished for a more elegant and ïmature’ look. We wonder how many of our salon software users have found the same opinions in their own clients.

Many of the women who took part in the poll believed that heavy bleaching, extensions, and even the classic ponytail were all styles that are far too ïgirlish’ for them and should not be worn past the age of 46. Many women adapt the style of their hair as they age to suit their style choices, but it would seem most opt for a shorter ïdo when they reach 46 because their hair has lost the volume and shine it once had. The poor condition of their hair was blamed both on years of colouring and simply old age.

As a salon owner, it is important to take what information you can from such polls, that might be able to help you help your clients in the future to ensure returns and possible even increase sales. For example, from this most recent poll, you could offer advice to women of a certain age who worry about the condition of their hair, or work on creating styles to suit hair that may have weakened over the years that doesn’t just involve chopping it off.

Keep an eye out in the media for this type of survey, as they are quite common and can offer you a good insight into what you clients might be after, while iSalon Software can help you to better manage your promotional marketing and all those extra appointments you’ll be getting when people find just how much you understand what they’re looking for!