Autumn and winter hair trends to hit your salon

04 Dec 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Autumn is well and truly in the air, and for the next few months, the country’s fashionistas will be sporting seasonal looks to match the chill in the air and the crunch of dead leaves underfoot. So, what are the latest hairstyle trends to rule the catwalks and collections this season? Perhaps you should begin to introduce these three sensational styles to your salon for autumn / winter 2013…

The ïmermaid’ ponytail

What little girl didn’t grow up wanting to resemble Disney’s Ariel or one of her glamorous aquatic sisters? The ïmermaid’ ponytail is well and truly in for A/W 2013, combining trendy boho braids with a classy, contemporary updo. Best start practising now, as this look is set to be a popular one in Britain’s salons for the coming season…

Wet look grunge

We’ve had enough of the ï80s to last a lifetime over the last few seasons, so how about a return to the halcyon days of the 1990s instead? While the UK had Britpop and Girl Power, America had its grunge scene. Grunge is back with a bang for A/W 2013, and you’ll be reaching for the wet look gel spray in no time in order to keep up with this salon trend.

Soft fringes

Did we say grunge was back with a bang? We must have meant back with bangs. Fringe benefits are in store this season, with soft, glossy fringes providing a feminine alternative to the androgynous grunge vibe. Get those scissors out and start snipping!

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