i-Salon savers: what will you do with your £385 per week?

11 Dec 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Did you know that by following i-Salon’s five-point plan your salon could stand to make an extra £385 per week? By simply minimising no-shows by sending appointment reminders using your salon management software, increasing re-booking rates and engaging more with your clients, your salon business could not only improve and grow, but you could find yourself making more money too. While you could choose to spend your extra earnings on new shoes or buying yourself a special Christmas present this year, it would be better spent on investing in your salon. So, here are just a few ideas of what you could do with it…

Provide extra training

Is there anything that you think your staff could do with improving on, or anything you’d like them to learn? If you’ve heard of a new and exciting trend that’s about to take off and you’re keen to be one of the first salons in the area to offer it to your clients, why not pay for the training to ensure your staff have perfected the service before your clients start requesting it? One of your employees may have come to you in the past and asked for help on mastering a certain technique, so with the extra cash you could pay for them to learn from a professional outsider, or even afford to take the time to teach them yourself. The great thing about using the money saved by using salon software to invest in training is that it often results in a return on investment, as you’ll be able to charge more for treatments from more qualified staff.

Employ a cleaner

If you’d noticed there are gaps between appointments that are spent cleaning up between clients, or you keep one or two appointment slots free at the end of the week to save time for cleaning up before the weekend, you could consider filling that time with extra clients and getting a cleaner instead. Now that you have the cash to pay someone to keep the salon clean while your employees continue to do the job they are paid for, you could even stand to make more money by fitting more clients in the day! Often, many young apprentices may be willing to take on some cleaning duties within a salon alongside formal training, allowing a cost-effective means of contributing towards the next generation of beauty specialists.

Open late

Have you always wanted to open late on certain occasions or days when you know you’d stand to make extra money but can’t afford to pay the extra rent, utilities bills, staff or licence fees? With the additional money i-Salon Software is helping you to save and earn, you could finally offer your clients late-night appointments that could better suit them and would enable your salon to make even more money each week. This may also help to give you a competitive edge over some of the other salons in the area. If you do decide to spend your money on enabling your salon to open late, don’t forget to promote your new opening hours with your text marketing software!

Stock up

If you have been scrimping on supplies and finding that at the end of the month you have been running short on just about everything, now’s the chance to re-evaluate your stock (with the help of your salon management software) and start increasing the amount you buy each month. Use your software to investigate exactly which products are running out faster than others and start by ordering more of those, then consider which new products you could introduce. Who doesn’t love a bit of shopping?

i-Salon management software does more than help you to create a more organised and efficient salon; it can help provide the finance and time you need to start growing your business. If you’d like to find out more about any of the services i-Salon software can provide, contact a member of the team today.