Five bolt-on skills for your salon staff

20 Dec 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

Many salon owners across the UK find that it’s practical to take on versatile, multi-skilled staff in order to spread essential salon tasks across as many people as possible. It makes sense to have as many hands on as many oars as possible so as to improve productivity and efficiency, but finding salon employees who are skilled stylists, marketers and businesspeople all in one can be easier said than done! Fortunately, additional salon training can help to enhance the latent skills of your employees and even introduce new ones. Why not take a look at these five bolt-on skills and find out how your business can benefit in future?


Marketing is an integral facet of 21st century business and one that savvy salons will leverage to their advantage. Salon marketing could involve instigating new promotions and special offers, attending public events and exhibitions or simply reminding your repeat customers of your latest products and services. Additional training in marketing can provide your employees with the skills they need to promote your business, through text marketing, email marketing or other activities.

Visual branding

While marketing is one means of attracting new business to your salon, visual branding can be used to snare passing trade and increase custom further. Attractive window displays and carefully selected arrangements of specific products can help your salon to stand out amongst its competitors, although such skills are often difficult to implement. Training your staff in the art of visual branding can help to improve product sales and increase profits over time, as well as making your salon a more attractive, professional place to be.

Customer service

While good customer service ought to be a minimum requirement in salons across the country, there is a difference between simply being friendly and helpful and actually providing the kind of service visitors to your salon or spa will be looking for. Employees who know how to go the extra mile and offer their customers a level of service they can’t get elsewhere will help to ensure repeat trade and customer loyalty, providing your salon with a reliable customer base from which to build in future.

Appointment management

Certain skills are innate but can be refined over time, whereas others need to be taught. Appointment management is one of the latter. Arranging your weekly appointments so as to make the most of your salon’s schedule without double booking yourself takes no small amount of skill, as does reducing no-shows and ensuring that all of your appointments are honoured. Here at i-Salon Software, our ï5 Point Plan’ webinars can help you and your staff to become experts at appointment management, making the most of your salon software to maximise profits and improve time management in future.

Stock control

Most salons’ services tend to extend beyond the treatments themselves. Customers use their favourite salon to find out about new products and try items that will suit their style regimes, so having these products available at all times is paramount for salon owners. Stock control means ensuring that all of your products are available for when your customers or employees might need them, whilst avoiding accumulating dead stock that can act as a drain on your company profits. It isn’t a difficult ask, so additional training is a great idea if you wish to improve your salon’s stock management processes in future.

Here at i-Salon software we recognise the value of additional training and the bolt-on skills your salon needs to progress. For that reason, we offer a number of training programs and webinars to help our customers make the most of their salon software products in future. Why not contact us today and find out more about how we can help?