Should salons charge larger women more for leg waxing?

09 Jan 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

A salon in South Kensington has come in for criticism since introducing additional charges for larger women wishing to have their legs waxed. MM Bubbles has decided to add a ïfat tax’ of up to £10 to the standard charge for the 45-minute treatment because the salon claims to use additional products when treating larger women. While the salon owner does not believe she is doing anything wrong, many customers have been left devastated by the logic behind the additional charges on their salon bill.

It has been reported that women who are size 12-16 are charged an extra £5 for leg waxing, while larger women who are a size 18 or over are charged £10. Although some women might be comfortable with their size and willing to accept the extra charges, others who might be worried or self-conscious about their weight could become very upset by the salon’s controversial decision. The debate arose as, despite the controversy of the decision, additional charges are commonly attached to other treatments in supposedly similar circumstances. For example, clients with longer hair are often charged more for hair dye as additional products and materials will be used to achieve the same results.

While making a profit is important for salon owners and they must strive to do so where possible, perfecting the salon experience for their clients must always come first. If you want your clients to return and become loyal, repeat customers, you need to ensure that they feel pampered and respected whenever they visit your salon. Visiting the salon shouldn’t be a chore or an opportunity to suffer personal insults _ it should be a luxury that is worth paying for! This is something you ought to bear in mind if you were considering charging your larger clients extra for certain treatmentsƒ If you think your expenses are a little over the top, use your salon management software to investigate other areas where you could work on increasing your profits in future.