Online bookings for salon appointments on the rise

14 Feb 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon management software is enabling more and more salons and spas to offer online appointment booking, and new figures suggest that customers are keen to take advantage of this opportunity.


As reported in Professional Beauty, online bookings for salons and spas increased by over 50% in 2013, with November being the top month for online bookings.

Online bookings are great for both salon managers and clients. Salon managers and employees don’t have to spend as much time talking to clients on the phone, and can spend more time carrying out treatments or selling products. Using an online system can also eliminate double booking errors and doesn’t require a physical diary or planner. Clients often prefer to book online because it’s more convenient for them, too. They don’t have to spend time calling the salon or sacrifice their mobile allowance minutes, and can book an appointment quickly at any time that suits them.

i-Salon software lets you manage your salon appointment system online, so your clients can book appointments on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. The web-based system means that you can manage your appointments when you’re at home or away from the salon, making it easy and simple for you to manage your salon whenever it’s required.

Our salon and spa management software can also help you to set goals for your different stylists, carry out text marketing and appointment reminders, and help you to establish product promotions. It’s designed specifically for salons and spas, meaning that we understand exactly what you require from a software package. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, contact us now!