Five motivational tips for salon managers

11 Mar 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

As a salon manager it is your job to keep your staff motivated to ensure the successful running of your business and to keep your clients satisfied, but what do you do when you’re lacking in motivation yourself? When you must act as role model for your staff and lead them in the right direction for the business, it is important that you are able to remain inspired and positive, even when things seem a little uncertain. However, we understand that the pressure of running a salon or spa can eventually begin to take its toll, which is why we’ve put together this helpful list of tips for salon managers to remain motivated! Read on to find out how salon management software can help

Invest in extra support

We’re not suggesting you seek the help of a counsellor to relieve the stress of running a busy salon or spa, but something far less invasive (and less expensive too!) _ salon management software. In order to be able to focus on keeping yourself and your employees motivated you need to be able to run an efficient salon, which means finding a means to better organise your appointment bookings, manage your stock and promote your salon. Systems such as i-Salon Software can help you to do all of those things from your reception computer, providing you with the time and space you need to move your salon in the right direction.

Establish a game plan

Set yourself a goal and work towards it, but make sure it’s an achievable one. Maintaining a positive outlook is far easier if you’re consistently hitting your targets, so make sure that you leave yourself realistic daily aims to give yourself a sense of real progress. If you consistently hit each of your daily and weekly targets, you’ll soon find that you’re well on track to achieving your long-term game plan. Onwards and upwards!

Reward yourself, too

Like many salon managers, you probably spend so much time ensuring your staff are rewarded for their hard work and your customers are rewarded for their loyalty that you forget about rewarding yourself! When you’ve had a hard week or managed to increase salon profits, treat yourself as you would your employees. Take a long lunch, invest in new products or equipment, or simply turn your phone off and enjoy an evening to yourself. With the help of i-Salon Software, you’ll even be able to manage your salon anywhere, using only a tablet or a laptop computer. Take the morning to work from your favourite caf_ _ we won’t tell anyone!

Keep things in perspective

You might experience days when you feel like you haven’t made much of a profit or you haven’t had a full schedule and feel as though you are failing, but you must learn to keep things in perspective. You can’t turn your salon into a success overnight; it takes time and effort to grow a salon and attract loyal customers to increase sales. Remind yourself that you are working hard on your marketing strategy and that your employees are behind you and dedicated to the business. Salon software will provide you with the facts and figures to back up your progress, saving you from making decisions on gut instinct alone. You’ll get there one day _ just don’t give up!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you’re working extra hours, staying up late and leaving little time for a good night’s sleep, a satisfying meal and social life, your work will eventually begin to suffer. There’s no point working all of those hours if you’re not giving it one hundred per cent, so shut down the computer, step out of the salon and go for a run, cook yourself a healthy meal or meet up with friends. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you to remain focused and motivated during working hours and you’ll be setting a good example for your staff.

Remember, the first step to regaining that motivation you’ve been lacking is to invest in the support you need and i-Salon Software can provide it. To find out how our intelligent salon management software can help you to achieve your goals and stay motivated, browse our website or
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