How to gain new salon clients

09 Apr 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

It’s easy to lure people in for a heavily discounted initial appointment, but getting them to come back for full price or additional appointments is a significantly trickier challenge. Salon management software can be a great asset in helping you to attract new, loyal clients to your salon, but how do you use it most effectively? A smart combination of salon marketing, loyalty schemes and intriguing new treatments can work together to keep a steady stream of customers attending your salon regularly!

Word of mouth

The cheapest form of marketing is inevitably good old-fashioned word of mouth. If your salon offers the best service and treatments in town, your clients will tell their friends and family _ and some of them may well become your new customers! However, it’s tricky to gain new clients from this approach alone _ many of your clients’ friends will already be loyal to other salons, and it’ll take more than a brief recommendation to coax them away from their favourite.


Give your clients an incentive to tell your friends about your salon by running refer-a-friend schemes that provide discounts to both your current clients and their friend. If your client is particularly eager to receive a discount, they’ll effectively act as your unofficial marketing assistant! Recommend-a-friend schemes can be carried out via email and text marketing thanks to your salon management software. Invite your client to forward the email or SMS to their friends, who can then show it when they visit to your salon and receive a discount.

More than a one-off

Once you have persuaded a new client to take advantage of a discount you’ve offered them, you need to keep them coming back _ or else you’ve gained next to nothing. During their first appointment, have your stylists mention any particularly exciting treatments you offer, and what your salon’s unique selling point is. Get them intrigued, so that they’re looking forward to returning. Perhaps tempt them with additional discounts, if necessary.

Using text and email marketing

Email and text marketing can also help to ensure that their visit isn’t a one-off. Once you have their contact details in your database, you’re able to send them targeted promotions, coupons and reminders. By continuing to keep in contact, you’ll be much more likely to see them back in your salon again. Who knows _ maybe they’ll even refer someone else too!

Salon management software collects and stores information on every transaction that your clients make. This means that you can target your email and text marketing at specific groups of clients with ease _ perhaps based on their average spend, the date of their last visit or the products that they purchased. By having all this information to hand, you’re in a much better position to retain your clients, gain their loyalty, and have them spreading the word about your fantastic salon to everyone they know! Arrange your demo today!