Three ways to use Facebook to promote your salon

15 Apr 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

Nowadays, one of the best ways to promote your salon is by being active on social media sites and drawing traffic to your website and online booking portal, which you can set up using your salon management software. Some salon managers choose to steer clear of social media platforms such as Facebook because they’re unsure of how best to use them to their advantage. Fear not; it’s not as difficult as it seems. Take a look at these three easy ways to use Facebook to promote you salonƒ

1. Create a page

By creating a Facebook page you are essentially creating a free website for your business and making promoting your salon a whole lot easier. It is important that you maintain your page and ensure that it is kept updated with relevant information and lots of interesting content in order to encourage page ïlikes’ and, ultimately, to encourage your followers to share the page with their friends so that you gain new customers. Make sure your page includes a picture of either your salon or its logo, as well as directions to your premises and contact details. Use your page to communicate offers, share your latest salon news and notify clients about upcoming events. You can also use your page to tell customers about last minute cancellations. By engaging with your clients on a more personal level you are more likely to receive repeat bookings and gain loyal customers in future.

2. Offer online booking

With the help of salon software, you can encourage your customers to book their appointments online, making it easier for them to book at any time of the day, any day of the week. Your i-Salon computer system will ensure that the online bookings calendar is kept up-to-date so that clients can see available dates and times, and you can use your Facebook page to make clients aware of these vacancies. Just post a link to the online booking page and encourage your clients to log in using their Facebook accounts to make their appointments. They will be able to choose from available services, stylists and appointment times and then update their Facebook status saying they’ve just made an appointment at your salon! This will get more and more people talking about your salon and paying it a visit.

3. Gain Facebook recommendations

You want to encourage as many people as possible to see your Facebook page, so it’s well worth linking up with a specialist recommendation and review website like All you need to do is create a profile for your salon on the Salon Spy website and send the link via text or email to your customers, inviting them to write your salon a review. Again, salon software can make this easier by sending the review invitations automatically for you following your clients’ appointments. You can also use Salon Spy to create vouchers to offer to your customers that will encourage them to recommend you to their friends so that they can also redeem the voucher as first-time clients. The more reviews you gain on Salon Spy and the more friends sharing your reviews and links, the more your salon will be promoted (for free) and you’ll soon notice an increase in trade.

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