What are salons like your tweeting about?

24 Apr 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

An increasing number of salons of all shapes and sizes are already using various social media platforms to benefit their businesses, but there are still a significant number who are yet to embrace the opportunity. These are salon owners who are either wary of the impact of social media or feel that they simply do not have the time to post frequent updates and keep up-to-date with social media. Fortunately, more and more salons and spas are investing in salon management software, which offers such a wealth of support in all areas of your salon business that these  salons  are finding time to tweet.. But what should you tweet about? Here are just a few things that salons just like yours are talking aboutƒ

Upcoming trends

Keeping up-to-date with the current salonand fashion trends is likely to be extremely important to a number of your customers, and they will be in search of fashionable salons that clearly know what’s hot and what’s not and which can offer the latest treatments and styles. That’s why so many salons will often tweet pictures and link to articles showcasing upcoming trends straight from the catwalk or modelled by famous celebrities. Often these tweets end with a question, asking the audience what they think of the latest trend, enabling salons to make a note of just how popular this new trend it likely to be and whether or not it’s something their customers will be interested in.

Salon successes

Most of your clients will judge your salon based on how pleased they are with their treatment and the service they received, but when they aren’t actually visiting your salon they have no idea how it is doing and so are only ever likely to recommend it to a friend immediately following a recent appointment. A number of salons will often tweet pictures of happy customers or updates on how their trainee staff are getting on. Any awards won are often posted and even included in their social media biographies as another selling point. If a salon is lucky enough to be mentioned in the press, linking to the article and sharing it with followers is a great way to get people talking about your salon.

New treatments & products

It might be that some of your customers have chosen to go elsewhere for their treatments because they think you cannot offer them exactly what they want, so it is important that whenever you introduce new treatments or products you tweet about them and notify your customers, both new and old. Retaining loyal customers is the key to salon success, so ensure your customers keep coming back by updating your skills and keeping your customers informed. Many salons will tweet pictures of their new products or examples of the treatments, often linking to their website where customers can read about them in more detail.

Interesting statistics

Including statistics is a great way to encourage followers to share your tweets, especially if they are interesting or surprising. Many salons will dig deep to find fascinating facts they know will interest their readers and will often use them to link back to their own services. For example, one salon tweeted that the majority of women start to hate their hair when they reach 50, encouraging all those going through a similar follicular crisis to come in for a special treatment and find the right style for them. When you’re short of things to tweet about, statistics are a great way to avoid silences.

Helpful advice

You doubtless offer style and hair care advice to your customers when they visit your salon, but why should it stop the moment they’ve paid and walked out the door? Offering additional advice will encourage them to come to rely on your style tips and depend on you for all their beauty needs. If the tips are useful and original then they are likely to be shared amongst friends and could help to attract new customers. Many salons will offer advice from various members of their team each week, helping to build relationships between their customers and their employees.

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