Men now account for a fifth of salon clients

06 May 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

 Instead of making do with the barbers, the UK’s men are heading to salons for a variety of treatments, including tanning and manicures. Nearly a fifth of salon clients are men, according the latest Salon Services survey of over 2,000 salon staff.

The other salon statistics reported in the survey included the news that 53% of salons had seen an increase in the number of men attending their salon in the past 12 months. Facials were particularly popular with Scottish men, who ordered treatments every 3.8 weeks _ the highest in the UK. Men who tanned had 18 treatments per year, and overall, men are now spending only slightly less money than women on salon treatments each year.

The survey found that David Beckham remains the top style icon for men, followed by Gary Barlow and Mark Wright (of TOWIE fame) _ which could explain why men are buying so many tanning treatments!

With the male grooming market continuing to gain value, now may be the time to get some more men into your salon. This may be easier said than done for salon managers who have opted for a girlier decor rather than something more neutral, but strong text and email marketing campaigns could tempt some men across the threshold.

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