Summertime marketing ideas for ambitious salons

06 May 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

For salon and spa owners, the summer months can often bring with them more hard work than vacation time, and it’s often a struggle to fill appointments and attract new clients. During the summer, the majority of salon clients will be taking holidays, looking after children who are off school or partaking in other summer holiday activities, which means they have little free time to book salon appointments.

Encourage clients to book in advance

Your salon staff should already be accustomed to engaging in conversation with their clients, so talking about upcoming holidays should come naturally. Once you know when your clients are going away, you can encourage them to book an appointment before or after their holidays well in advance of taking them, suggesting dates and stressing your limited availability around the holiday season. Make it easy for them by recommending when they are likely to need another appointment, and plan their holiday hair with them in advance. Don’t forget to set up your text appointment reminders using your salon management software, so that you can remind your customers of their appointment nearer the time, too.

Introduce special summer deals

You should consider what treatments or products your clients are likely to be more interested in during the summer months, offering them them they will find it hard to resist and will want to make time for. Whether you introduce a new treatment to help clients protect their hair from sun damage, offer a deal on summer highlights or pedicures or introduce two-for-one appointments when your clients bring a friend along, ensure you promote your deals via social media, text and email with the help of the tools available with your salon software.

Add new summer products

You can use your salon management software to better monitor and manage your stock, determining whether you might be able to introduce some new summer products to entice clients and increase retail sales over the upcoming months. If a product isn’t selling particularly well, you should consider introducing a new product that might help you to grow your client list and encourage clients to spend more at the point-of-sale. You can expand your inventory for the summer months by keeping note of new trends and monitoring your social media pages to see what it is your clients really want.

Push your loyalty scheme

If you’ve already implemented a customer loyalty scheme whereby you reward customers who recommend new clients or spend a certain amount on treatments, it’s worth pushing it even more so during the summer, perhaps increasing the reward or reminding customers of what they stand to gain. If you haven’t considered a customer loyalty scheme yet, contemplate what kind of scheme your customers will benefit from the most and what you would like to achieve from it. Are you looking for new customers or for your existing customers to spend more? Promotion is key, and it is easy to promote your marketing ideas with your salon management software.

If you’re interested in benefiting from the support of salon management software this summer and would like to find out more about the services i-Salon Software can provide, why not explore our website or book a demo with a member of the team today?