Women only tell partners 30% of salon spending

06 May 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

When it comes to overall spend on hair and beauty products and salon visits, British women give their partners a figure that’s a third of the true amount that they spend. According to the survey of 800 women, carried out by Hairtrade.com (and reported by Professional Beauty), 43% of respondents didn’t divulge the amount they spent on visiting beauticians and manicurists, while 20% told white lies about the cost of creams and lotions. A tenth of the women surveyed said they didn’t reveal the total cost of their hair products.

The results show that women remain concerned that men do not understand or appreciate the cost of keeping up a complete beauty routine. Most men still only visit barbers, where they might be able to get a trim for £10 or less. Clearly the average spend on a visit to the salon for British women is much higher than this.

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