Popular TV shows spark salon trends

19 May 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

It’s important for any salon manager to keep an eye out for upcoming trends so that they know what their clients are likely to request when making their appointment. The last thing any salon owner needs is to be put on the spot when a client asks for something they have never heard of, which is why they should be finding the time to research the latest media crazes and fashion trends, and encouraging their staff to do so also.

Since Game of Thrones returned to Sky Atlantic in April this year, online retailer Amazon has noticed a rise of 533 per cent in platinum hair dye, as many women try to copy the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys’, long locks. Eyebrow grooming kits have also risen by 27 per cent week on week, thought to be thanks to Dany’s thick brows. Your clients are likely to be easily influenced by trends, so it is worth knowing what is hot and what’s not so that you can accommodate them and make popular suggestions in order to push sales.

If you’re worried about finding the time to keep on top of fast moving trends and using them to promote your salon, you needn’t be. Salon management software is designed to support you and make your job easier. Providing you with the tools you need to simplify everyday processes and enable you to run a more efficient and successful salon, your software could also free up the time you need to research trends and work on creating excellent targeted promotions. To find out more about the benefits of i-Salon Software, book a demonstration with us today.