Stricter sunbed rules planned for England

30 May 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin carried out an inquiry into sunbed regulation in England, and recently announced their findings. The APPGS made five recommendations to the Department of Health:

  • Compliance testing for radiation exposure from sunbeds
  • A complete ban on unmanned sunbed facilities
  • Salon staff should be trained in appropriate dose levels for different skin types
  • Balanced health information should be provided in all tanning salons
  • Tanning facilities should provide safety goggles that meet required health standards.

The report acknowledged the link between sunbed use and skin cancer, and reiterated that sunbed use is particularly dangerous for under 18s. Children can currently make use of unmanned sunbed booths, as there are no staff members around to check their age. In addition, a complete ban on unsupervised sunbed use _ coupled with staff training on skin types _ will lead to individuals only receiving a dose that’s suitable for their skin type.

Salon managers should note that sunbed staff are likely to require additional training in the near future, in order to become certified. In addition, tanning salons should be aware of the future requirement to place health information in clear sight at their salon.

Overall, if made law, these recommendations are unlikely to have a drastic impact on tanning salons. It is only owners of unmanned tanning booths that need to be concerned.

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