How your salon can take advantage of Father’s Day

13 Jun 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

June 15th is Father’s Day. Before you drop everything to run out and buy a present for your old man, we’d like to share some of the ways your salon can receive a seasonal boost from this annual celebration of dads everywhere. In all likelihood, your salon would have done something a little bit different for Mother’s Day _ perhaps running a promotion, offering new products, or even holding an event. Father’s Day may not strike you as quite such a lucrative seasonal opportunity, but smart salons will still find ways to take advantage of this event. Even if a man has never so much as set foot in your salon, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to change all that and find yourself some new (male) customers.  If you’re using salon management software such as i-Salon Software, it should be a breeze to carry out your salon’s plans for Father’s Day. Stuck for inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Expand your product ranges with more ranges marketed at men. Your normal clients will also be on the search for Father’s Day presents, and this presents your salon with numerous new retail opportunities. With the help of your salon management software, you’ll be able to apply effective discounts to maximise your profits and prevent any stock from being left over after June 15th. Shaving, skincare and hair products are all solid bets. Ensure you draw your clients’ attention towards the Father’s Day products, and let them know which the most popular products have been so far. You don’t need to go for the hard sell _ just make your clients curious.


Even though we’ve heard time and again that the male grooming market is booming, the vast majority of British men have probably never set foot in the salon before. Many will be reluctant to do so, unless you can convince them they enjoy the experience. Consider a ïhis and hers’ event, with discounts offered on normal treatments to couples or fathers and daughters who attend. Offer male facials, tanning treatments, and hairdressing services. If your salon has a rather girly interior, in-salon events may not be the best way of encouraging men to spend money on your treatments. Instead, find another venue _ it might be pricey, but the media attention and word-of-mouth buzz should help you to recoup your costs, and perhaps gain some new customers…

Text and email marketing

Step up your marketing efforts for Father’s Day. Decide whether you want to focus on tempting the men into your salon, or if you’d rather focus on selling Father’s Day gifts. Offer male grooming tips in your email marketing messages, as quick tasters to show that you’re excited about Father’s Day. 

Salon management software provides easy to use text and email marketing tools, so that you can boost your revenue during seasonal events such as Father’s Day. Coupled with social media marketing efforts, your salon can build up plenty of online buzz that should have clients flocking to see your stylists and purchase Father’s Day gifts. Give us a call or book a free demo to learn more tips for using your salon management software to increase revenue around seasonal events.