Personalised skincare is becoming a hot trend

30 Jul 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

As we age, our skin changes, and so does the manner in which we must treat it. We buy the products that work best for us, based on our skin type and any recurring problems we’ve had in the past. Many of us also fit in regular trips to the salon or spa to enjoy facials and other skincare treatments.

According to research by Canadean, an analysis company, more than a fifth of skincare sales by over 45s are dedicated to individualised and customised skincare products. One of the team behind the survey, analyst Joanne Hardman, spoke about the results. ñThere is a real growth opportunity for brands which offer a fine, tailored experience to women over 45, as they are creating brand loyalty among their customers.î

Salons and spas can benefit from this demand for personalisation. They can offer a wide variety of skincare products instead of the standard selection of anti-aging skincare brands. Also, your staff should be able to offer specific advice (and product recommendations) depending on the client’s current skincare issues and routine. If your spa or salon offers skincare treatments, ensure that you inform clients about the skin type and condition they’re best suited for. Explain the science behind the treatments so that your clients feel they’re receiving the most useful treatments for their skin.

Consider using salon management software to keep a close eye on the products and services that you sell to your clients. You’ll be able to determine which products are selling well, and keep a closer eye on stock levels so that you know when to order more. You won’t run out of products in high demand, and you’ll be able to offer tailored discounts in order to maximise your takings. Speak to i-Salon to learn more.