UK Women spend £460 a year on haircare products

19 Aug 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

New research suggests that £460 is the average spend by UK women each year, amounting to £28,520 over the course of a lifetime.

The survey, carried out by, breaks down the figures into different categories. Shampoo and conditioner made up nearly a third of the annual hair product spend, with the average UK women spending £150 on these essentials. The next biggest contributors are hairspray and other styling products (such as gels and waxes), accounting for £80 each. Intensive repair treatments and hair masks cost us £60 a year, while we spend an average of £50 on oils and serums. The final £40 is spent on heat protection for our hair.

Additionally, the survey revealed how much time we spent on looking after our hair. On average, washing using shampoo and conditioner took ten minutes, with an additional 30 minutes spent on styling and blow drying each day. That adds up to a total of six whole days of hair care throughout the year, and that’s just at home. The survey didn’t look into time in the salon, but recently on the i-Salon blog we’ve covered findings that showed just how important regular visits to the salon are to the average UK woman _ with a survey suggesting that we spend £600 a year at the salon. Salon services are clearly in demand. Maximise your takings by implementing salon management software into your salon. Set up loyalty schemes, keep track of stock and send out marketing texts and emails _ all from the comfort of all your own salon.