Organic beauty week is next month

23 Aug 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

The organic beauty market is growing fast _ it’s expected to be worth $16 billion by 2020. More and more consumers are paying attention to what’s in their beauty products, and popular organic brands such as Pai Skincare, 100% Pure and ESPA are becoming highly coveted by consumers and salon clients alike. Organic hair salons are also thriving. Clients want natural skincare and haircare solutions, and smart salon managers can help to provide them.

The Soil Association runs an annual Organic Beauty Week to celebrate the benefits of organic beauty products. This year’s Organic Beauty Week runs from the 8th-14th of September. The organisers are working with salons, retailers and beauty brands to promote organic beauty during this week and beyond.

Salons can get involved with Organic Beauty Week by downloading the media pack for free from the Soil Association website. The pack includes posters and flyers that can be displayed in your salon and distributed to clients. Salons can also become involved in the wider discussion about organic beauty by using the hashtag #OrganicBeauty on Twitter.

If your salon is planning to hold an event or run promotions for Organic Beauty Week, be sure to let the organisers know so that it can be promoted on the official website.

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