Could high-powered salon hairdryers be banned by the EU?

04 Nov 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

You’ll no doubt have noticed that new EU regulations have been passed, banning the production and import of high wattage vacuum cleaners within the EU in order to reduce energy consumption and the region’s carbon emissions. The EU’s focus now turns to smaller appliances, including hairdryers. A study for the European Commission outlined 30 appliances that could be targeted with new legislation. Reports will be drawn up that state the viability of tightening the energy consumption of each of these appliances. In January 2014, the European Commission will decide what to regulate _ potentially leading to a ban on high-wattage hairdryers.

Currently, the wattage of hairdryers is generally between 900 and 2,300 watts. The draft report suggests that hairdryer power could be cut by 30%. Given that many of the most powerful hairdryers are used in salons rather than at home, salons are likely to be affected by these regulations should they come into force in 2015.

The National Hairdressers’ Federation have spoken of their concern about the plans, stating that they are ïludicrous.’ Given that the use of less powerful hairdryers will simply mean that a blow dry will take longer, it appears that there will be little to no energy saving if high powered hairdryers are banned. Salons will have to charge clients more for blow drying as appointments will take longer, and clients will have to set more time aside to attend the salon.

These issues will be raised in the final report, and salon managers will have to wait until early 2015 to find out if the next round of energy efficiency regulations will indeed affect hairdryers.

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