Rihanna’s £30k a week beauty regime

04 Dec 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

Looking like an A-list celebrity comes with an A-list price tag, as Look magazine recently suggested pop and R&B icon Rihanna spends an average of £30,000 a week on looking good.

From personal hair stylists at an average of £1,500 every day (before the addition of her exquisite human hair-only pieces at around £7,000), to a lash expert on hand 24/7, the fashion icon takes her appearance very seriously. Her own admission of having a penchant for the expensive, yet small, Creme de la Mer body lotion sets her back £200 for each 60ml pot.

The estimated breakdown of her weekly routine looks like this, according to an inside source:
Lash technician: £3,000
Skin care: £800
Makeup artist: £2,000
Hair: £15,000
Personal dermatologist: £6,000
Contour tanning: £3,500

With such huge amounts spent on her skin, face and haircare, it’s no wonder the star looks perfect all the time. Not all of us can boast customers able to splash this kind of cash in our salons, but knowing the trends celebrities follow is a sure fire way to target promotions for your salon and to make the most of marketing opportunities.

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