Australia’s ban on commercial sunbeds comes into effect

19 Feb 2015

Written by Alice Smithson

It is now illegal to pay for time on a sunbed in much of Australia, as more states have implemented a blanket ban on the use of tanning beds (known as solariums in Australia) in commercial settings. At the start of 2015, the operation of commercial sunbeds was banned in the states of Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales. Another state _ Western Australia _ is due to ban the practice later this year. The Northern Territory doesn’t have any commercial sunbeds.

Australia has the highest per capita rate of melanoma cases in the world, and two-thirds of the population will be diagnosed with skin cancer before they’re 70. Campaigners hope that a total commercial ban on sunbeds will help bring down these astonishing figures. The industry has been heavily regulated in many Australian states for the past decade, but it now becomes only the second country (after Brazil) to completely ban commercial sunbeds.

An outright ban isn’t likely in the UK, at least in the near future. Back in May 2014, we reported on recommendations made by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin, which included training for salon staff on dose levels for different skin types and a ban on unmanned facilities. The government’s response showed that there was general agreement with these recommendations, but details wouldn’t be worked out until the next government forms following May’s general election.

For the time being, responsible tanning salon owners needn’t worry about the effects of looming legislation. If you do have concerns about the continued profitability of the tanning side of your business, now might be the time to diversify _ take a look at our guide to salon diversification with salon management software to start exploring your options.