21 Jul 2016

Written by Alice Smithson

Maximising revenue from your existing client database is vitally important, so ensure you retain your clients by putting a strong client retention programme in place, and sticking to it.

1. Create a loyalty club

A loyalty club becomes a cultural change for your business. This is an ingenious way to get your clients to engage with your salon in new, meaningful ways.

2. Capture data and use it

Capturing existing client data means that you can talk to a large number of people who are interested in your brand easily and cheaply. People who you know have shown an interest in your salon before are more likely to respond to a promotion.

3. Create a communications plan

Create a plan of what you will say, who you will say it to and how you will say it – and stick to it. Plan in promotions to appeal to different groups of clients/potential clients at different times. Sending out blanket emails to the same people will turn them off.

4. Analyse and maximise your clients’ visit frequency

Do you know your typical client cycle? Reminder emails or texts letting clients know that it’s been six weeks since their last haircut or 12 weeks since their last colour can be an effective way of driving them into salon more regularly, but also ask them to book their next appointment before they leave your salon.

5. Look at spend levels by service

Segment your clients’ spend by service and send out communications encouraging them to try something new and experience it all. Cross-selling subtly is incredibly important.

6. Reward profitable behaviour

Beautifully gift-wrapped chocolates hand delivered to your top 10 spending clients will not only make them love your salon even more, it will also create a buzz around your brand.

7. Segment your clients based on type

Use your data to group your clients by age, service types, frequency of visit or even hair type so that you can send relevant promotions and communications to each.

8. Tap into emotional psyche

Loyalty will continue to centre on emotional thought processes rather than rational, incentive-based initiatives. Psychological economists have often spoken of economic decision-making being 70% emotional and 30% rational which perfectly sums up why tactical incentive-based loyalty campaigns, that are based on rationality, do not always work so well. Tapping into the feelings behind customer decisions will ultimately create connected, passionate and engaged customers, which is key.

9. Create relevant, targeted promotions

Customers of today are increasingly demanding which is a good thing for all involved. Listen to their needs and wants, and carve out promotions for customers that are always thinking ‘about me’. This will make them individual, relevant and most importantly, personal, which is the most frequently chosen reason for spending more with a company.

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