09 Jan 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

The answer probably depends on the size of your salon or spa.

While salons that have only recently established themselves might like to capitalise on the many varieties of free salon management software in order to make savings, is it necessarily the best solution for your business?

Although free software offers a number of benefits, including – most attractively – financial savings, free software is almost without exception limited in use, so why do some salons and spas settle for often inadequate free salon management software? Let’s take a closer look…

How Free is Free?

Of course, free salon management software is free. Avoiding the necessity of paying out an upfront sum of money or steering clear of monthly payments is an undeniably attractive option to many business owners.

As obvious as it may seem, however, free software simply cannot compete with the powerful features and functionality of paid-for software, such as that offered by iSalon. While it may be free of costs in the short-term, free software could ultimately cost your salon time and money through inefficiency, inferior or non-existent customer support and opportunities lost as a result of limited functionality.

Is it as Good as Paid-For Software?

A typical ploy adopted by free software providers is to tempt business owners in with the promise of unlimited functionality.

Too often, this supposed “unlimited functionality” is actually what is offered by their paid-for version and the free version contains only very basic functions. While this may be adequate for the smallest of salons, for most it simply won’t do.

In addition, free software providers love to remind users at any given opportunity of the benefits that upgrading to the paid-for version will bring – constant pop-ups, marketing emails and blanked-out features will no doubt frustrate users.

All too often, free salon software is simply a marketing tool designed to tempt you to upgrade to the full paid version.

The Benefits of iSalon’s Solution

Despite iSalon software not being free or even the cheapest salon and spa software solution on the market, we believe that it is the best.

Our software is used by some of the top salon and spa groups in the country.

The price that iSalon charges its users not only includes the software itself, but also covers installation, professional customer support, and even the hardware on which to run the software. This might include a state-of-the-art touch screen display, biometric scanner, till drawer and receipt printer.

iSalon users will also benefit from training when the system is first installed, as well as ongoing free training opportunities thereafter. Our training and support services are unique within the paid-for software market and totally unrivalled by any free software provider.

Similarly, our 5 Point Plan – which includes tips for salon owners that are proven to increase income by up to £385 per week – can only be taken advantage of by iSalon customers.

If you would like to find out more about how our salon management software could benefit your business, please get in touch today to book a free, no-obligation demo.