29 Mar 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon booking software, such as iBookings, enables salon owners to focus on staff training and business expansion over tedious admin. Here are some more ways that online booking software can help improve business efficiency and boost salon revenue.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Online booking services mean a 24/7 booking option for customers, who can log on to the website at a time suitable to them and arrange an appointment wherever they are.

This gives control to the customer, so they feel more valued from the start of their interaction with your salon. Customers will be able to view all available appointments and select the one best suited to them in a much shorter time than if they were on the phone to a member of staff.

Less Administration Time

Using an online appointment book frees up staff during working hours, allowing them to focus on the customers currently in the salon, rather than spending time taking bookings over the phone.

In addition, web-based salon booking enables fast full-view access of the appointment book, without the need for lots of confusing, paper-based annotations. This reduces time spent trying to decipher handwritten appointment notes and clarifies exactly which members of staff and treatments are in highest demand.

Better Multi-Site Management

If you have more than one salon, being able to offer a variety of treatments and appointment times will drastically improve business. Customers who have a very specific time schedule to adhere to may not be able to book their chosen time at one site, but the appointment time available at another site increases your chances of securing a booking.

Salon managers can also see which sites are more popular, using this information to improve business overall by ensuring staff are correctly distributed, stock levels are correct at each site, and that the best treatments are being offered at every location.

Easier Business Reporting

Being able to generate reports in just a few clicks saves a lot of administration time too, and also means salon managers can create overviews of the most popular staff and treatments.

This can help boost profits by enabling salon managers to introduce promotional prices for the most popular treatments, as well as those which need a boost, or to create individual and team targets to help motivate staff.

Increased Marketing Opportunities

Automated business processes can also significantly increase your marketing potential. Website-specific promotions, point-of-sale data analytics and a more interactive online hub all help customer engagement. As clients book their appointments, taking down their information means you can tailor marketing emails to their favourite treatments, or encourage repeat visits from lapsed customers.

A More Professional Experience

Having an online booking service for your salon brings it up-to-date with current technology and customer expectations. It will help improve your reputation, give a more professional feel to the booking experience and cast your salon as more high-end.

To find out more about salon booking software, specifically our powerful iBookings solution, and how it can improve sales and revenue in your salon, request a free, no-obligation demo today.