09 Apr 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

Attracting new customers isn’t easy, which is why so many salon managers recognise how important it is to retain the ones they have, but if you want to grow your salon in the future and work towards expansion, then you’ll need to start attracting new clients.

iSalon software is designed to provide salon managers with all the tools they need to make business development tasks easier.

You might think that you’ve tried everything in the book to promote your salon and win new clients, but here are three tactics you might not have thought ofƒ…

#1. Take Photos

Thanks to your salon management software, you’ll find that you have more time to focus on ways to make your salon, and the treatments it offers, more appealing to potential customers.

You might not think to take before and after photos of a client, either because you’re not sure how you’d use them, or because you wouldn’t want to bother your customer, but taking photos of your handiwork is a great way to sell your salon. You’ll probably find that your customer is flattered to be asked and will leave feeling special.

If one of your team members has done a particularly impressive job and your client doesn’t mind having their picture taken, snap a shot of it and post it online. When a social media post includes a picture it is far more likely to attract attention, so post your pictures on your accounts and even include them in your weekly emails to advertise just what your salon is capable of.

#2. Start a Blog

The online booking module provided by your salon management software might already be attracting new clients to your salon’s website, but why not give them another reason to visit?

The key to promoting your website online is content, and the more interesting, valuable and shareable content you post, the more traffic you are likely to drive to your site. Whether you dedicate one member of staff to the job or take on the responsibility yourself, you should find you have enough time to post a weekly blog.

Your blog should:

  • provide potential clients with advice and tips they’ll find useful;
  • include images where possible;
  • and be distributed via your social media channels and via a regular email newsletter.

The more you promote your blog, the more people you will encourage to visit your website, and hopefully, make an appointment.

#3. Run a Competition

You’re already busy competing with other local salons, so organising a competition for your customers might be the last thing on your mind, but it’s a great way to generate a buzz around your salon.

A competition will not only appeal to your current customers, but should work to attract new ones, especially if the prize is worthwhile. Advertise the competition both in your salon and online, emphasising just how fantastic the prize is.

You might be worried that the competition will only reach your existing customers, but if the prize is good enough, they’ll be encouraged to share the competition amongst their friends and family members, too. You should set up the page on your website, but link to it via all social media pages and even in your appointment reminder texts.

If you’re keen to try some of these new tactics or would like to start focusing more on the marketing side of you salon, start by investing in salon management software, so you can have the support you need to do so.

To find out more about how you can benefit from iSalon solutions, browse our website or get in touch with the team to book a free demo today.