Are you aware of the new alcohol licensing laws?

09 Aug 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon owners ought to take note of the recent press reports of potential fines of up to £20,000 for handing out complimentary glasses of fizz and other alcohol beverages without the required license.

Whilst the notice from police was aimed at salons in Staffordshire, salon owners across the nation should address this and act accordingly. The hair and beauty world has, for generations, offered guests a free glass of bubbly during their appointment, especially on Saturdays. The industry as a whole were shocked by the statement released by Staffordshire police;

“Our licensing team has discovered quite a few hair and beauty salons are offering ‘free’ glasses of wine or champagne as part of a treatment, or, in some cases, as a customer is undergoing a treatment, the business then offers them a glass of wine at no extra cost. While this is well-intentioned and just part of the business trying to give the customer the best experience, it is also against the law if you do not have a license to sell alcohol.”

Offering alcohol in your salon does have many benefits that may make this worth while though. For hen do’s with large groups of guests it is brilliant as it is more likely to draw them to your salon, giving the impression that you are fun with a relaxed atmosphere. It is also a great way to enhance the client experience, they are likely to feel much more special when sipping on a glass of fizz as opposed to a regular cup of tea. As long as you are acting in line with the relevant legislation, we would recommend that this is a great way to set your salon a side from the rest and make your clients experience a bit more fun!